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The Lebanese Verbs

Below is a small video I made of a program for conjugating Lebanese verbs. The program is designed in a way that you only have to enter the verb in English in the simple present tense, and the software will give you the meaning of this verb in Lebanese, in the simple past and simple present tenses, and it will also conjugate the verbs with the personal pronouns.

This software is not designed in such a way that all these verbs are entered into the program. Only the meaning of the verb is entered in a database, and an algorithm conjugates these forms. This means that it is a simple translation of word to word, English to Lebanese, to populate the software.

The Lebanese verbs are so uniform, that not even one irregular verb escapes the conjugation logic that it follows. Isn’t that amazing? You have irregular verbs in any language, but in Lebanese, everything seems to be extremely systematic.

P.S. The video is best seen full screen HD 720.


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