The Demonstrative Adjectives/Pronouns

May 1st, 2009

The Demonstrative Adjectives/Pronouns

This / This is (ms):  Hayda
This / This is (fs):  Hayde

These / These are:  Hawde
That / That is (ms):  Hiidek / Hidek
That / That is (fs):  Haydiik
Those/ Those are:  Hawdiik

In Lebanese, the same words are used as demonstrative adjectives and demonstrative pronouns.

Examples of Lebanese Structures

1. Demonstrative + indefinite noun + adjective

This is a big boy: Hayda ṡabe kbiir
This is a beautiful girl: Hayde bint ḣilwe
These are small flowers: Hawde zhur zġar

2. Demonstrative + definite noun + adjective

This boy is big: Hayda ṡṡabe kbiir
That girl is beautiful: Hayde l bint ḣilwe
These flowers are small: Hawde zzhur zġar

3. Using the contraction “Ha”

This boy is big: Ha ṡṡabe kbiir
That girl is beautiful: Ha l bint ḣelwe
These flowers are small: Ha zzhur zġar


The contraction “Ha” could be used to replace any demonstrative adjective but not when used as pronouns.