Common Lebanese Terms and Phrases

August 27th, 2010

This a list of the most common Lebanese words and phrases.

The Lebanese Language Institute has an extended list of Phrases that will be published later, categorized form by situations and places.

English Lebanese [Generic/Masculine] Lebanese [Feminine]
Hi, Hello Marḣaba  
How are you doing? Kiifak? Kiifik?
I am fine? Mniiḣ Mniiḣa
Certainly/sure! Akiid!  
Are you sure? Akiid? Akiide?
This is Hayda Hayde
Yes E  
No La’  
Good moorning  The most used phrased is the French’s Bon Jour, pronounced Bon Jur.Nharkon saxiid is a Lebanese phrase that is used too.   
Good evening The most used phrased is the French’s Bon soir, pronounced Bon swar.Masa l ḱer is also used.   
Thanks/ Thank you   French’s Merci is the most used, pronounced mersii.English’s Thanks is the second most used.Yislamo is a Lebanese term that is also used.Arabic’s Cukran is understood but not widely used.     
You’re welcome     If French is used for thanks, the reply will be Derien, pronounced Deryan.If English is used for thanks, the reply will be Welcome.If Lebanese is used for thanks, the reply will be Ahlen or:Tikram. If Arabic was used for thanks, you can reply in Lebanese or use xafwan!  
What is your name? Cu ismak? Cu ismik?
My name is …. Isme …  
Pleased/ honored to meet you Tcirrafna/ tcarrafna  
I love you Ana bḣibbak/ Bḣibbak Ana bḣibbik/ bḣibbik
Lebanon Libnen  
Do you speak Lebanese? Btiḣke Libnene?  
I speak a little Biḣke cway  
I speak good Lebanese Biḣke Libnene mniiḣ  
I don’t speak Lebanese Ma biḣke Libnene  
Maybe Yimkin  
Sorry Pardon [French] pronounced Pardon  
Bye Bye [English]  
Good Mniiḣ  
Very good Ktiir mniiḣ  
Now Halla`  
Soon Bsirxa  
Later Baxden  
Waw Yay  
Oh Yii  
Here Hon  
What time is it? Adde ssexa?  
 I like/ I love (Ana) bḣib  
I like to sleep Bḣib nem  
Let’s go/ come on  yalla  
do you have water? Xindak may? Xindik may?
I want to eat Badde ekol  
A little Cway  
Slowly/ little by little Cway cway  
That’s too much hayda ktiir  
Later baxid cway  
There is/ there are Fii  
Is there/Are there? Fii?  
Is there a restuarant here? Fii maṫxam hon?  
Is there a restroom here? Fii ḣimmem hon?  
Can you? Fiik? Fiike?
Can you come? Fiik tije? Fiike tije?
Can I bring my friend? Fiiyye jiib rfii`e? Fiiyye jiib rfii`te?
No one is here Ma fii ḣada hon.  
No one came Ma ija ḣada  
Can I try it on? Fiyye jarrbo? Fiyye jarriba?
Can I help you? Fiyye sexdak? Fiyye sexdik?
Can you help me? Fiik tsexidne? Fiike tsexdiine?
Do you want to eat? Baddak tekol? Baddik tekle?
I don’t have time Ma xinde wa`it  
I am in a hurry Mistaxjil  Mistaxjle
I am not hungry Manne Juxan  Manne Juxane
I am hungry Ana Juxan Ana Juxane
Are you hungry? Juxan? Juxane?
Are you sleepy? Nixsen? Nixsene?
Do you want coffee? Baddak ahwe? Baddik ahwe?
Yes Please E Please  
No, thanks No, mersii  
Do you want more? Baddak baxid?/ baxid baddak? Baddik baxid?/ Baxid baddik?
That’s enough Biikaffe  


Common Lebanese Phrases

January 12th, 2010

Below is a list of 150 common Lebanese Phrases. The Lebanese Language Institute has an extended list of thousands of Phrases that will be published in a book in the very near future, with a plural form added to the list and categorized by situations and places.

English Generic or Masculine form Feminine Form
Please sit down. `xod pliiz. `xidi pliiz.
Do you know how much it costs? Adde ḣa“o? Adde ḣa“a?
Did you take your medicine? Aḱadt daweek? Aḱadti daweeki?
Certainly/sure! Akiid!
Are you sure? Akiid? Akiidi?
More than that. Aktar min hek.
More than 200 kilometers. Aktar min miiten kiilomitir.
A few. Aliil. Aliili.
I’m here on business. Ana hon bi ciġil.
I’m hungry. Ana jixen. Ana jixeni.
I’m happy. Ana mabṡuṫ. Ana Mabṡuṫa.
I’m not American. Ana mic Amirkene. Ana mic Amirkeniiyyi.
I’m married. Ana mjawwaz. Ana mjawwazi.
Is it nearby? Ariib cii? Ariibi cii?
Anything else? Ayya cii teni?
At what time? Ayya sexa?
At Ḣamra street B Cerix l Ḣamra.
Outside the hotel. Barrat l otel.
I’m just looking. Bas xam biṫṫallax.
Did you send me flowers? Baxattille warid? Baxattiili warid?
Beirut is very beautiful Bayrut ktiir ḣilwi.
Beirut is very crowded Bayrut ktiir xaj`a.
Are you okay? Bek cii? Biki cii?
As soon as possible. Bi a`rab wa`it.
My daughter is here. Binte hon.
Do you know him? Btaxirfo? Btaxirfii?
Do you know what this means? Btaxrif hayda cu maxneto? Btaxirfi hayda cu mixneto?
Do you know how to swim? Btaxrif tisbaḣ? Btaxirfi tisbaḣi?
Do you know how to cook? Btaxrif tiṫboḱ? Btaxrfi ṫiṫibḱi?
Do you know where she is? Btaxrif wayna? Btaxirfi wayna?
Do you know her? Btaxrifa? Btaxirfiiya?
Do you know a good restaurant? Btaxriflak cii maṫxam mniiḣ? Btaxirfiilik cii maṫxam mniiḣ?
It takes 2 hours by car. Bteḱidla cii sexten bi ssiyyara.
Do you accept U.S. Dollars? Bteḱod dolar? Bteḱdi dolar?
He/she will arrive shortly. Halla’ Byuṡal. Halla’ Btuṡal.
Did it rain yesterday? Cattit mberiḣ cii?
Is it hot? Cob cii?/Cawb cii?
Business is good. Cciġil mniiḣ.
Do you know what this says? Cu bi`ul hayda? Cu bit`ul haydi?
A little. Cwayy.
I’m lost Ḋayix. Ḋayxa.
Male  or  female? Dakar walla inteeyi.
I’m leaving tomorrow. Felil bukra. Felli bukra.
Are there any concerts? Fii ḣafli l yom?
Can we have some more bread? Fii majel tjibilna ḱibiz zyedi? Fii majel tjibiilna ḱibiz zyedi?
Do you have any coffee? Fii xindak ahwi? Fii xindik ahwi?
Do you have internet? Fii xindak internet cii? Fii xindik internet cii?
Can you please say that again? Fiik t`ula baxid marra? Fiiki t`uliiya baxid marra?
Can you give me an example? Fiik taxṫiini matal? Fiiki taxṫiini matal?
Can you show me? Fiik tfarjiini? Fiiki tfarjini?
Can you hold this for me? Fiik thadiili hayda? Fiiki thadiili haydi?
Can you carry this for me? Fiik tiḣmilli hayda? Fiiki tiḣimliili haydi?
Can you do me a favor? Fiik tiḱdimni? Fiiki tiḱidmiini?
Can you help me? Fiik tsexidni? Fiiki tsexdiine?
Can you speak louder please? Fiik txalli ṡawṫak pliiz? Fiiki txalli ṡawtik pliiz?
Can you repeat that please? Fiik txiida pliiz? Fiiki txiidiya pliiz?
Can you fix this? Fiik tżabbṫo? Fiiki tżabṫii?
Can we sit over there? Fiina ni`xod.
Can I bring my friend? Fiiyyi jiib rfii`i? Fiiyyi jiib rfii`ti?
May I speak to John please? Fiyyi iḣki max John pliiz.
Can I use your phone? Fiyyi istaxmil telefonak? Fiyyi istaxmil telefonik?
Can I try it on? Fiyyi jarrbo? Fiyyi jarriba?
Can I help you? Fiyyi sexdak? Fiyyi sexdik?
Open the window. Fteḣ ccibbek. Ftaḣi ccibbek.
Open the door. Fteḣ l beb. Ftaḣi l beb.
Did your wife like Tyr? Ḣabbita martak la Ṡur?
Are they the same? Haw/Hawde mitil baxḋun?
About 300 kilometers. Ḣawela tletmiit Kiilometr.
Please speak slower. Ḣkii xa mahlak pliiz. Ḣkii xa mahlik pliiz.
Please speak English. Ḣkii ingliizi iza btaxmil maxruf. Ḣkii ingliizi iza btaximli maxruf.
Over here. Hon.
Over there. Honiik.
Are you American? Inta Amarkeni? Inte Amarkeniiyyi?
Are you married? Inta mjawwaz? Inti mjawwazi?
Are you ready? Jehiz? Jehzi?
Are you coming this evening? Jeyi llayli? Jeyi llayli?
Are they coming this evening? Jeyiin llayli?
Bring me my shirt please. Jibli l amiiṡ pliiz. Jibiili l amiiṡ pliiz
Did you come with your family? Jiit max ahlak? Jiite max ahlik?
Are you hungry? Jixen? Jixeni
Is John here? John hon cii?
Let’s share. Ḱallina nitcerak.
Let’s meet in front of the hotel. Ḱallina nitle`a iddem l otel.
Cheers! Keeskon!
Are you afraid? Ḱiifen? Ḱiifeni?
How to get to the Hotel? Kiif b yuṡalo xal Otel?
Are you here alone? La ḣelak? La ḣelik?
Can I have the bill please? L ḣseb pliiz.
Pick  up  your  clothes. Limm tyebak. Limmi tyebik.
Let’s go have a look. Macci ta ncuf. Macci ta ncuf.
Let’s go Macci Macci
Are you busy? Macġul cii? Macġuli cii?
I’m not ready yet. Manni jehiz baxid. Manni jeehzi baxid.
I’m not afraid. Manni ḱiifen. Manni ḱiifeni.
I’m not busy. Manni macġul. Manni macġuli.
I’m not married. manni mjawwaz. manni mjawwazi.
I’m not going. Manni rayiḣ. Manni rayḣa.
My appointment is next Wednesday. Mawxadi l irbxa l jeyi.
Is it possible? Max`ul? Max`uli?
Do you have a pencil? Maxak alam? Maxik alam?
Do you have enough money? Maxak maṡari kfeyi? Maxik maṡari kfeyi?
Do you have any money? Maxak maṡari? Maxik maṡṡari?
Do you have another one? Maxak waḣad teni? Maxik wiḣdi tenyi?
I’m not sure. Mic akiid. Mic akiidi.
A long time ago. Min Zamen.
Are you comfortable? Mirteḣ? Mirteḣa?
Do you have a boyfriend? Mṡaḣab? Mṡaḣbi?
Are you waiting for someone? Naṫir ḣada? Naṫra ḣada?
Be  careful  driving. Ntibih inta w xam tsu`. Ntibhi inti w xam tsu`i
Be careful. Ntibih. Ntibhi
Please come in. Pliiz tfaḋḋal. Pliiz tfaḋḋali.
Are you going to the wedding? Rayiḣ xal xiris? Rayḣa xal xiris?
Is it suppose to rain tomorrow? Raḣ tcatte cii bukra?
Are you going to take a car or bus? Raḣ teḱod ssiyyara walla l baṡ? Raḣ teḱdi ssiyyara walla l baṡ?
It’ll be cold this evening. Raḣ tsa“ix llayle.
Are you going to help her? Raḣ tsexida? Raḣ tsexdiiya?
Salwa is Sam’s girlfriend. Salwa ṡaḣobto la Sam.
Are you sick? Ṡaḱin cii? Ṡaaḱni cii?
My car was hit by another car. Siyyara ḋarbitli siyyarti.
My car isn’t working. Siyyarti mic mecyi.
Silent! Skot! Skiti!
Do you hear that? Smixit hayda? Smixti hayda?
Do you feel better? Ṡirit aḣsan? Ṡirti aḣsan?
It’s 11:30pm. Ssexa ḣdaxc w noṡṡ
It rained very hard today. Ta“alit cciti l yom.
Call the police. Talfin lal Boliis. Talfni lal Boliis.
Call me back later Talfinli baxden.
Call  me. Talfinli. Talfniili.
Please call me. Talfinli pliiz.
Translate this for me Tarjimli hayda. Tarjmiili haydi.
Come here. Taxa la hon. Taxi la hon.
My cell phone has no reception. Telefoni ma xindo irsel.
My cell phone doesn’t work. Telefoni mic meci.
All day. Ṫul Nnhaar.
And you? W Inta? W Inti?
Behind the bank. Wara l bank.
where can I can get a taxi? Wen fiiyyi eḱod taksii? Wen fiyyi eḱod taksi?
Where are my glasses? Wen xwayneti?
Are your children with you? Wledak Maxak? Wledik maxik?
Our children are in America. Wledna hayyehon bi Amerka
Did you get my email? Wiṡollak iimeyli? Wiṡollik iimeyli?
At 7 o’clock in the morning. Xa ssexa sabxa ṡṡobiḣ.
At 7 o’clock at night. Xa ssexa sabxa.
At 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Xa ssexa tleti baxd ḋḋihor.
At 3 o’clock. Xa ssexa tleti.
Please fill out this form. Xabbiili hal form pliiz.
Do you like it here? Xajabak hon? Xajabik hon?
I’m searching. Xam fattic.
I’m just kidding Xam imzaḣ