Lebanese Songs

January 11th, 2013

Lebanese Songs

Writing the Lebanese songs’ lyrics in the simple Lebanese Latin Letters (LLL) system to make it easier for people to follow up is an on-going project. When the number of songs with lyrics reaches 200, they will be posted on the Lebanese Language Institute website

www.LebaneseLanguage.org. There are over a thousand songs pre-selected. People can suggest songs to be added. The songs include both those written in Modern Lebanese, and those in Classic Lebanese. However, songs in Egyptian or Arabic are not included in this project.

If you know Lebanese, and would like to help writing the lyrics of a song using the LLL-System, please contact us on the email below. The work you do will be reviewed by our team, and when the songs are posted, your name will go online as a credit to your work with the song. The Lebanese

Songs Database will be free and open to all those who want to see the lyrics of Lebanese songs.

contact:  info@lebaneselanguage.org

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