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Writing Lebanese Online Anywhere

April 21st, 2011

We are happy to share with you the release of our Online Lebanese Keyboard v0.1(beta). If you own a mac or a pc, if you are on a public computer or using your friend’s computer, now you will be able to write lebanese from any computer.

To do so you simply need to drag the following link to your Bookmark Bar in your browser.


Then when you are on a page were your want to write lebanese, on facebook for example, just click on “libnene” in your bookmark bar.

A green “libnene ON” should appear on the top left of your page.

shift + h = ḣ

shift + k = ḱ

shift + d = ḋ

the same way you get ż ṡ ġ ṫ

Yalla try it and give us your feedback. Remember; this is still in beta, so we really would like to know where it works and where it doesn’t.


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  1. c.kazan
    March 10th, 2017 at 13:19 | #1

    This is very cool. thanks for coming up with it. I can;t believe it’s been there all this time and i only found out about now..
    Meanwhile, is this based on the Lebanese alphabet promoted by the late Said Akl?
    There is almost no trace of it online, what a shame. if you guys know how one can learn more and contribute to it, please contact me!
    i’ll post in Lebanese next time!!

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