The Bible in Lebanese

January 11th, 2013

The Bible in Lebanese


The New Testament was originally written in archaic Greek. Nevertheless, the actual language that Jesus Christ spoke was Aramaic, the ancestor of the currently spoken Lebanese.  The Syro-Aramaic copy of the bible known as the Peshitta, which means bible in Aramaic, is the oldest and closest to what Jesus actually said.


Going through the history of the Lebanese language, and finding that the Lebanese preserved most of the grammar of the languages they spoke in the past few thousand years while mostly updating the vocabulary, made the project more viable. The possibility of being able to translate word by word including grammar, from the old Aramaic script the closest to the actual words of the gospel is startling.

In addition to that, the project will make the Gospel available in Lebanese to millions around the world.


This project is a long term project that encompasses work and research involving  the church and related authorities. However, and no matter how long such project will take to get through the church formalities and recognition, it is by far our most exciting project applied to both historical and linguistic aspects.


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