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Common Lebanese Terms and Phrases

August 27th, 2010

This a list of the most common Lebanese words and phrases.

The Lebanese Language Institute has an extended list of Phrases that will be published later, categorized form by situations and places.

English Lebanese [Generic/Masculine] Lebanese [Feminine]
Hi, Hello Marḣaba  
How are you doing? Kiifak? Kiifik?
I am fine? Mniiḣ Mniiḣa
Certainly/sure! Akiid!  
Are you sure? Akiid? Akiide?
This is Hayda Hayde
Yes E  
No La’  
Good moorning  The most used phrased is the French’s Bon Jour, pronounced Bon Jur.Nharkon saxiid is a Lebanese phrase that is used too.   
Good evening The most used phrased is the French’s Bon soir, pronounced Bon swar.Masa l ḱer is also used.   
Thanks/ Thank you   French’s Merci is the most used, pronounced mersii.English’s Thanks is the second most used.Yislamo is a Lebanese term that is also used.Arabic’s Cukran is understood but not widely used.     
You’re welcome     If French is used for thanks, the reply will be Derien, pronounced Deryan.If English is used for thanks, the reply will be Welcome.If Lebanese is used for thanks, the reply will be Ahlen or:Tikram. If Arabic was used for thanks, you can reply in Lebanese or use xafwan!  
What is your name? Cu ismak? Cu ismik?
My name is …. Isme …  
Pleased/ honored to meet you Tcirrafna/ tcarrafna  
I love you Ana bḣibbak/ Bḣibbak Ana bḣibbik/ bḣibbik
Lebanon Libnen  
Do you speak Lebanese? Btiḣke Libnene?  
I speak a little Biḣke cway  
I speak good Lebanese Biḣke Libnene mniiḣ  
I don’t speak Lebanese Ma biḣke Libnene  
Maybe Yimkin  
Sorry Pardon [French] pronounced Pardon  
Bye Bye [English]  
Good Mniiḣ  
Very good Ktiir mniiḣ  
Now Halla`  
Soon Bsirxa  
Later Baxden  
Waw Yay  
Oh Yii  
Here Hon  
What time is it? Adde ssexa?  
 I like/ I love (Ana) bḣib  
I like to sleep Bḣib nem  
Let’s go/ come on  yalla  
do you have water? Xindak may? Xindik may?
I want to eat Badde ekol  
A little Cway  
Slowly/ little by little Cway cway  
That’s too much hayda ktiir  
Later baxid cway  
There is/ there are Fii  
Is there/Are there? Fii?  
Is there a restuarant here? Fii maṫxam hon?  
Is there a restroom here? Fii ḣimmem hon?  
Can you? Fiik? Fiike?
Can you come? Fiik tije? Fiike tije?
Can I bring my friend? Fiiyye jiib rfii`e? Fiiyye jiib rfii`te?
No one is here Ma fii ḣada hon.  
No one came Ma ija ḣada  
Can I try it on? Fiyye jarrbo? Fiyye jarriba?
Can I help you? Fiyye sexdak? Fiyye sexdik?
Can you help me? Fiik tsexidne? Fiike tsexdiine?
Do you want to eat? Baddak tekol? Baddik tekle?
I don’t have time Ma xinde wa`it  
I am in a hurry Mistaxjil  Mistaxjle
I am not hungry Manne Juxan  Manne Juxane
I am hungry Ana Juxan Ana Juxane
Are you hungry? Juxan? Juxane?
Are you sleepy? Nixsen? Nixsene?
Do you want coffee? Baddak ahwe? Baddik ahwe?
Yes Please E Please  
No, thanks No, mersii  
Do you want more? Baddak baxid?/ baxid baddak? Baddik baxid?/ Baxid baddik?
That’s enough Biikaffe