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A unique verb

February 17th, 2010

Did you know that the verb “ija” (came), is a unique verb?

A couple of reasons for its uniqueness is the fact that it is the only verb of its form, that is, made out of 3 letters, with the first letter “i” and last letter “a”. the “j” is unique to this combination. There is no other letter other than the “j” that produces a meaningful verb.

On top of that, its imperative form is also unique. For example, the verb “Harab” (Escaped), becomes “Hrob” in the imperative form, “Baram” (Turned), becomes “Brom”, whereas “Ija” becomes “Taxa”, a totally different word!

So, if you are saying he came yesterday you would say “Ija mberiḣ”, but if you are asking someone to “Come here”, you would say “Taxa la hon”.


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